Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Consequences of DUI

DUI/DWI is not just a routine traffic violation. Driving under the influence is treated as a serious criminal offense. Because, drinking and driving may lead to severe accidents that may leave people with serious injuries and sometimes take away lives.

New Jersey DUI

DWI defense attorney from Jersey City, Mr. Joel Silberman1 tells-“New Jersey has extremely tough laws for Driving Under the Influence (“DUI”), Driving While Intoxicated (“DWI”) and Refusing to take a Breathalyzer Test.  By Statute, even first time offenders are subject to a mandatory loss of license and potential jail sentences. These consequences can have a devastating affect on a person’s career and family responsibilities.”(Ref: The Law Offices Joel Silberman, LLC, http://www.joelsilbermanlaw.com/our-practice/dui-dwi-a-refusal/)
DUI and DWI both refer to the act of operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or other substances.

DUI/DWI Penalties

  • Temporary impounding of your vehicle
  • A fine of up to several thousand dollars
  • Installation of an ignition lock that prevents your car from starting if you've been drinking
  • Probation
  • Possible jail time
  • Revocation of your driver's license
  • Community service
  • Completion of substance abuse classes at your own expense
If you are a repeated offender or involved in an accident then the penalties increase substantially.

You may be charged with a felony

New York criminal defense lawyer,  Mr. Paul D. Petrus, Jr.2, If you have previously been convicted of a DWI in New York in the last 10 years, you may be charged and convicted of a felony DWI. (Ref: The Law Offices of Paul D. Petrus Jr. & Associates P.C., http://www.petruslaw.com/practiceareas/dwi/)
If you have multiple prior convictions or if someone is injured in the accident, you may be charged with felony. If the accident resulted in a death, you can be charged with manslaughter or which can lead to imprisonment for years.

1. Joel Silberman: Criminal Defense Attorney and Jersey City lawyer Joel Silberman focuses exclusively on Criminal Defense. Some of Joel’s most notable Adult and Juvenile cases involved charges related to Homicide, Gun Offenses, Aggravated Sexual Assault, Trafficking Narcotics, Fraud and Aggravated Assault. Call Joel at 201-273-7070 or Toll Free: 800-889-3129 or send e-mail at joel@joelsilbermanlaw.com. Office is located at 549 Summit Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07306. Visit http://www.joelsilbermanlaw.com/ for more information.
2. Paul D. Petrus, Jr.: 
Mr. Paul D. Petrus Jr. is a member of the New York State Bar Association and New York Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. He is a practicing New York criminal defense attorney. Mr. Petrus works in federal and state courts. If you are looking for a Criminal Lawyer in NY, call Paul D. Petrus Jr. at 212.385.1961 / 212.564.2440 or you can e-mail at paul@petruslaw.com. Office is located at the Empire State Building, 350 Fifth Avenue, Suite 3601, New York, NY 10118. Visit http://www.petruslaw.com/ for more information.

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